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Pandemic had us all in a bit of a tailspin. The idea that all theaters in New York City would cease to operate seemed like an unfathomable idea and option for the industry and the art. Then, every theater in New York City stopped operating on a dime. With a call from the mayor’s office, thousands upon thousands of artists were unemployed indefinitely. Back in March 2020, coronavirus was something of a mystery, and the inability to see the end had every artist I know diving into just that, a tailspin.

Quickly, though, the industry regrouped. Amazing amounts of money poured in to help fund the time the theaters were dark, and for the most part, we all survived and came out the other side with a few good war stories.

Now, with the re-opening of New York City theater in our sight, we are on a mission to reclaim the time lost and tell new stories that reflect this strange year we’ve had and about this brave new world that we live in today. I hope that that this blog will help to rekindle the artistic flames of the past and begin to help shape how we tell stories today.

I am a connoisseur of both commercial and non-profit theater habitats and believe that every story is supposed to be told in a certain place and time and, though that can evolve and change, each of us has a part to play in the development. This blog will look at the theater today from every angle. It will use reflections of the past and our theater history to help guide us as we learn to shape stories in a new way. I deal in the creative and the business aspects of the theatre arts, so my blog will follow suit. I hope that you find nuggets of theatrical wisdom from what you read. If not, hopefully, a laugh or two to help you on with your day.

Welcome to David Milberg‘s Theater Blog

David Milberg is a true lover of the theater arts. Beginning in college at Princeton University where the flame ignited, David has always remained a part of the artistic world in one way or another. Now, David is a commercial investor on Broadway (The Producers, Pippin Revival 2013), sits on the Board of Directors of The Prospect Theater Company. He is currently a member of the Princeton Triangle Club’s board of trustees. David Milberg is also an influential supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater and Lincoln Center Business Council.

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