Everyone’s excited about Broadway reopening, and for good reason — the theatrical community is dying to get out and see some live performances! The new lineup of Broadway shows is definitely something special, so we’re going to lay out all the top talent to look out for, directors to watch, and more soon. But first, let’s just talk about what shows are going to be options for anyone visiting Broadway’s historic theaters.

Pass Over

Pass Over is the first play featured in the new Broadway shows coming out. This powerhouse of a drama from playwright Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu draws inspiration from Beckett’s surrealist masterpiece Waiting for Godot. Religious undertones are heavily present throughout the course of the play, which explores social issues like racism, police brutality, and systemic oppression. With lyrical dialogue that’s both mesmerizing and easily accessible, this show will draw in all kinds of audience members. Starring an all-black cast, this is one show that fans of drama and surreal theatre won’t want to miss.

Lackawanna Blues

Starring playwright Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Lackawanna Blues is a one-man show that originally debuted in 2001. It’s a story of Santiago-Hudson’s years growing up in the 1950s right in Lackawanna, New York. Tackling tough issues while keeping things comedic and light is difficult to do for any solo performer, but this playwright-turned-actor has managed to craft an engaging and masterful performance. In 2005, HBO produced a movie based on the story, with supporting actor S. Epatha Merkerson winning a SAG, Emmy, and Golden Globe award, for her performance as the protagonist’s maternal figure. Audiences can look forward to seeing this starting in September.


Six is a pop-style musical that’s already hitting it big with critics. A tongue-in-cheek twist on historical figures, Six takes Henry VIII’s six ill-fated wives and gives them modern pop voices in the form of contemporary artists like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Featuring clever lyrics and upbeat tempos, this will be a fun adventure for the whole family to see. While the jokes might get a little blue at some parts, there’s nothing overt or explicit that parents will need to be concerned about.

Is This a Room

Is This a Room is a docudrama about NSA employee Reality Winner, who intentionally leaked information about Russian hacking voting machines to the media, and her subsequent arrest. Every spoken word in the work was taken directly from an FBI interrogation between Winner and an agent in 2017. Compellingly crafted, this slow-burn shines a light into law enforcement proceedings and the treatment of whistleblowers in this country. Audience members may very well draw parallels with other famous whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Conceived by playwright Tina Satter, Is This a Room is one event that we can’t recommend enough.

Dana H.

A revered new talent on the scene, Lucas Hnath has already delivered two smash successes on Broadway. Audiences may remember A Doll’s House: Part 2 and Hillary and Clinton, but Dana H. has arrived to leave an entirely new mark on history. This experimental new piece from Hnath features Deirdre O’Connell lip-syncing along to an audio recording of Hnath’s own mother, in which she describes the experience of being kidnapped by an ex-convict. Diving deep into her story, seeing the physical work of such a well-known actress might be a reason to see this show enough, but the staging and lighting are also supposed to be particularly entrancing. We’ll see anything Hnath puts out, but we’re curious what audiences think of this piece!

There are tons more shows coming out on Broadway this fall, and we’d love to hear which ones you’re planning on seeing!

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