Since it was first identified in Wuhan, China, in 2019, the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, causing devastating effects. Well, the popular Broadway musical Aladdin was recently shut down just a day after performing for the first time in 18 months. This is a result of a Covid 19 breakthrough case. Suffice to say, the musical was one of the largest and highly anticipated reopenings of the Broadway season. It is also the first Broadway musical to cancel a show since the shows were reopened after the Covid shutdown. Disney Theater Productions confirmed that all tickets would be refunded, and further announcements would be made later.

This is Still Not the End

The real impact of coronavirus on the cast was noticeable right from the one-night-only engagement. At least three main characters were absent, with temporary undertakings taking over their roles. All the same, the musical said that its team, including the crew, cast, and audience, was its number one priority. As such, it aims to keep them safe and healthy. Despite this unprecedented event, the show promised to support the affected members of their team until they fully recovered.

On the other hand, New York City demands proof of vaccination to allow shows held at indoor venues such as theatres. To endorse this safety measure, The Broadway League requires that all performers, crew members, and audiences are fully vaccinated. Besides, they must provide valid proof of their IDs, wear their masks, and maintain social distance throughout the show.

What Are Breakthrough Cases, Anyway?

Sure. Covid 19 vaccines can effectively prevent infection rates. But like any other vaccine, they are also not 100 percent efficient. Breakthrough cases refer to the patients who contract coronavirus even after being vaccinated. According to health professionals, such cases are expected. All the same, chances for severe illnesses and mortality are lower than those who are yet to get vaccinated. Please note that patients with vaccine breakthroughs might still spread the virus to others.

While not all Broadway shows and performances have reopened, at least 30 of them are expected to do so before the year ends. Some of the mega-hits that recently reopened include “Wicked,” “Chicago” and “The Lion King.” The Disney Musical which was launched in 2014 closed down together with the rest of Broadways due to Covid 19 breakthrough cases.

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