The Ensemble of Wicked, the Musical

Christina Alexander

Christina Alexander has taken on a new role. She now serves as the Director of Social Responsibility to Foster Inclusivity for the Broadway hit Wicked. Her background has given her a strong passion for inclusion and justice. The musical she will be assigned to explores a similar theme.

Wicked, the Musical

Wicked: A Brief Synopsis

The musical production takes a different look at the classic Wizard of Oz from an entirely different lens, where the focus is on a witch that’s not necessarily wicked. Instead, she is often portrayed as lonely and misunderstood because she was born with green skin.

Christina’s New Role Defined

Upon accepting her new role, Christina understood her responsibilities that came along with it. She knew that her job demanded that she do everything in her power to turn the theater into an environment that was diverse, inclusive and accepting of all people. Her responsibilities will include making the theater as diverse as possible by encouraging people from under served areas to get involved with the theater and the live performing arts.

Promoting Equity in Hiring Practices

Christina Alexander will also have a role in working with trade unions and other non-profit organizations to promote fairness and equity in hiring for the performing arts. Her role will expand to include implementing methods to recognize good talent and to broaden the audience. She will encourage everyone to enjoy a good play or production, even if they decide not to apply for work in the performing arts. The idea that everyone should be encouraged to participate and enjoy the process is a major part of her latest agenda.

Christina Alexeander

Taking on Wicked

Christina Alexander made her decision to take on Wicked as the production makes its way into Broadway, North America and London. She brings an interesting skill set that includes leadership and strong communication skills. Her background includes work with other international agencies where her diverse talents are in high demand. In fact, she had owned her own consulting company, Alexander Consulting Group, which focused on diversity and inclusion. Her clients included major companies such as Trip Advisor, the Florida Professional Theatres Association, and Chorus America. Each company has its own unique blend in multiculturalism in the travel and performing arts industries.

Awards and Honors

Christina Alexander enjoyed the distinct honor of being named one of the top honorees for the Theatre Communication Group’s Rising Leaders of Color. This accolade alone has increased her respect among her peers and created more incentive for her to be an even better leader in the performing arts.

Galinda and Elpheba in Wicked

The Need for Diversity in the Arts

The arts has a timeless reputation for providing the fertile soil needed for multiculturalism to flourish.

Sensitivity is key, and with the upcoming musical willing to explore the softer side of a character with a bad reputation, it should come as no surprise that Alexander has taken her role seriously. In fact, she attacks her new responsibilities with a vengeance. The hit musical production appears to be her primary focus for which she would like to broaden the audience and cast.

Working with Other Non-Profit Agencies

Wicked works with a variety of non-profit agencies to promote the current diversity initiatives towards inclusion. They include the Equal Justice Initiative, the Trevor Project, and VDay, to name a few. Her dream of making the theater a warm, welcoming place for all to enjoy has finally paid off.

About David Milberg

David Milberg is an experienced financial analyst and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg is a proud father of three kids. Milberg graduated from Princeton University with a BA in History and graduated from Columbia University with an MBA. David Milberg currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Milberg Factors, Inc.

Over his tenure at Milberg Factors, David has also been involved in numerous not-for-profit activities. In light of David’s charitable work, he was honored in the year 2000 by the accountants and bankers division of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York and by the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Foundation. David Milberg has also been active in the Lincoln Center Business Council.

David Milberg has invested in such major broadway productions as Mel Brook’s The Producers, The Weir, and the hit revival of Pippin directed by Diane Paulus and starring Tony Award Winner Patina Miller at the Leading Player. David sits on the Board of Trustees for The Prospect Theater Company and is a fervent supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater. David Milberg presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was Vice-Chairman.

David Milberg has a rich, varied background is musical theater and live stage performance.

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