David Milberg

David Milberg is one of many entrepreneurs and businessmen in the New York theater world who has struck a balance between running a successful family business and a Broadway career. However, it has been a long road, from graduating with a B.A. in History to becoming a multi-show investor on Broadway, on multiple boards for various theatrical organizations,  and still retaining his role, helming many decisions at Milberg Factors, Inc. David Milberg is known as a man of many talents and continues to keep equal footing within both Broadway and Off-Broadway circles and at the same time stays planted daily in the middle of all the facets of Milberg Factors, Inc. When you are a professional financier who has realized and lives the Broadway dream of a lifetime,  you learn to multi-task to have it all.

David Milberg’s Finance Career

David Milberg is well-recognized as an N.Y. entrepreneur and investor. He has been in the finance industry for the last three decades and started his career as a financial analyst selling loan products.  After graduating from Princeton University, Milberg landed his first post-college job with Bankers Trust Company in 1987. He worked in the loan sales and syndication department and networked with various domestic and foreign banks. David later graduated from Columbia University with an MBA and soon took a job in the investment banking division of Lehman Brothers.

Milberg Factors, Inc.

Milberg was persuaded to leave his  Lehman Brothers position in 1995 to assist in running the family business at Milberg Factors Inc. Milberg Factors, Inc. was established by David Milberg’s grandfather as a commercial finance firm, now headed by his father, Leonard. David joined the firm, where they soon promoted him to president.  David Milberg served as the company’s president until 2015 and continues to be actively involved with the company and sits on the firm’s Board of Directors. During his tenure as president of the family business, David led various initiatives as follows:

  • Recruiting Accounts – David landed several prominent accounts for the firm.
  • Modernization Across the Company – He established a local area network, launched internet access and email, and developed online reporting for the clients. He also improved the company’s 401k plan by expanding investment options.
  • Non-Profit Ventures – David has been involved in several non-for-profit ventures and earned honors from the Jewish Geriatric Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York back in 2000. 

He presently serves on the Lincoln Center Business Council. He also serves on the Board of Directors of an Off-Broadway theater company, The Prospect Theater Company,  and on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was once the vice-chairman.

A Milberg Broadway Passion

Although David is known for his work in finance, his contributions to the New York theatrical landscape do not go unnoticed. As a creative man, David has been intimately involved in the arts since his college days at Princeton University.  He even took a year’s sabbatical from college to pursue theater in a more professional setting in New York City. He worked at Playwrights Horizons and Theater for the New City. Since then, he has invested in a number of Broadway productions and has become a board member of the Prospect Theater Company.



About David Milberg

David Milberg is an experienced financial analyst and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg is a proud father of three kids. Milberg graduated from Princeton University with a BA in History and graduated from Columbia University with an MBA. David Milberg currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Milberg Factors, Inc.

Over his tenure at Milberg Factors, David has also been involved in numerous not-for-profit activities. In light of David’s charitable work, he was honored in the year 2000 by the accountants and bankers division of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York and by the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Foundation. David Milberg has also been active in the Lincoln Center Business Council.

David Milberg has invested in such major broadway productions as Mel Brook’s The Producers, The Weir, and the hit revival of Pippin directed by Diane Paulus and starring Tony Award Winner Patina Miller at the Leading Player. David sits on the Board of Trustees for The Prospect Theater Company and is a fervent supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater. David Milberg presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was Vice-Chairman.

David Milberg has a rich, varied background in musical theater and live stage performance.

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