Financier David Milberg is a resourceful man who continues to shine when dealing with numbers. His professional success is apparent through his work in the finance sector at Milberg Factors but also by serving on the boards of many arts organizations in NYC both before and throughout the pandemic struggle. He has supported musical theater endeavors of all kinds since his undergraduate years at Princeton University,  including a few Broadway investor credits to his name.

David Milberg’s Finance Career

David Milberg began his financial career after finishing his studies at Princeton University in 1986. His career began in the spring of 1987, working with Bankers Trust Company as an analyst in loans sales and syndications.

David assisted Bankers Trust by marketing the bank’s loans to finance large leveraged buyouts of a variety of businesses, such as  Kohl’s Department Stores, Ralphs Supermarkets, and Northwest Airlines.  He was promoted to associate at Bankers Trust because of his exceptional work. Milberg left Bankers Trust after he was accepted to study and earn his master’s degree at Columbia Business School.

Columbia Business School

David Milberg received his undergraduate education at Princeton University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in History. Although he had graduated from an Ivy League school and was working in New York City, Milberg felt that it was not enough. So in 1989, Milberg went back to school to earn a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia University. With an MBA, he knew that he could expand his professional opportunities in the finance industry. David Milberg therefore sought and earned an MBA in 1991.

David Milberg worked tirelessly while at Columbia, and he achieved notable success. David Milberg stood out from his classmates by receiving a spot on the Business School’s Dean’s list all four semesters that he attended Columbia. He was also asked to be a teaching assistant in the corporate finance department.

David Milberg Working with Lehman Brothers

David Milberg’s ascent in the financial services industry grew steadily through the summer of 1990. That summer, he began working as a summer associate at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Lehman Brothers was a leading financial service firm in New York City.

David Milberg displayed notable talent, and he earned a permanent position at Lehman Brothers following his graduations from Columbia Business School. He graduated in 1991 and took his position at Lehman Brothers. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to vice president within less than five years.

Working at Lehman Brothers gave David Milberg the chance to work on several types of transactions, including follow-on stock offerings, initial public offerings, private placements, rights offerings. David Milberg initially focused on natural resources companies, but he later shifted to Media and Communications.

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