For 20 years now we have dealt with the athermath and the sadness that was brought to our nation with the attacks on our cities on 9/11/01, and now, thanks to Apple TV+ a Broadway musical is helping to tell a story from that time that is one of hope, goodness, and an inspiring tale of amazing people coming to the aid of others in a time that they needed it most.

Actors from the Broadway Production of Come From Away

The 9/11 Influence

After the pandemic took us all into hiding for so many months during 2020-21, the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre’s doors opened for several weeks during quarantine to accommodate the filming of the show ‘Come From Away,’ which focuses on a Canadian community that welcomed air passengers during an emergency landing right after the 9/11 attacks stopped air travel in and out of the US for several days

This musical centers on the little Newfoundland town of Gander, which welcomed 7,000 airplane passengers after the U.S. government closed its airspace due to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The residents set to work in their kitchens and put out spare rooms to provide food and lodging to all visitors, many of whom had come from different countries, speaking different languages with various religious backgrounds.

Gander residents take care of those passengers in need regardless of their political or social status, sexual orientation, race, or other personal factors.

On the final day of the film shooting, they invited people involved in 9/11 or works on the front lines to watch. As soon as the performers stepped on stage, the audience met them with shouts and ovations. And then they quickly faded into tears.

Sharon Wheatley and Other Actors in the Musical

Sharon Wheatley has been in the ensemble of the musical since the day they opened on Broadway. As part of a dozen-person ensemble, Wheatley, like all other actors in the ensemble, plays both marooned passengers and other passengers, with tales that demonstrate kindness, compassion, and acceptance as fear as mistrust thrived in the United States.

They have selected the principal cast for the film. All original cast member except Rachel Tucker returned for the filming for Apple+ Although Rachel Tucker couldn’t return to New York because of COVID-19 restrictions she was succeeded by Jenn Colella, who originally played Felicia Day’s roommate on the NBC TV series Chuck,

Come From Away had its first incarnation in San Diego, California in 2015 and it is still going strong in the middle of an almost five year Broadway run. It will play its first performance post-covid in September of 2021.

The Narratives Shift

The musical has adopted new topics as the present political climate has changed. After the Paris attacks in 2015, it once again became clear that Islamic radicalism was at the heart of the issue.

Although individuals see the show differently over history, Director Christopher Ashley said that the musical stays the same, but people see it with different glasses at different periods in time. At a level, people will always be concerned about the threat of a global epidemic, especially given the memory of 9/11.

As the narrative shifts from the sobering issue of a mother in New York worrying about her missing firefighter son to a crazy evening at a local pub, the show’s focus also changes.

During an interview, the movie’s co-writer and co-composer, David Hein, who says he has seen the play many times, described the film’s close-ups and use of cameras as making the story come alive for the first time in a new medium.

The show’s primary message is that people need to transcend their differences and help one another while responding to negativity. That is what they set out to do with the show.

Starting on Friday, viewers may see a snippet of the production of the Broadway musical “Come From Away” on Apple TV+, which has several songs filmed with ten cameras, interspersed with close-ups and crane views.

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